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On My Way to Being Me

From an early age, I remember feeling like I did not belong.  I was quiet, introverted, and felt like I was not interesting, funny, or smart. I did not fit in. I learned how to please others so that I could feel love and acceptance, but that came at a price.

By the time I was sixteen, I was so afraid of making a mistake and being seen as a failure (not enough) that when I got a job at a local fast-food place, I could not function. The fear and embarrassment of making a mistake at the cash register had me paralyzed. I quit after two weeks. I had no self-worth or self-confidence.

All through my teens and mid-twenties, I thought of myself as a loser. I am a loser, was my mantra. That thought was in my head every day, and I proved it (every day) what a loser I was by listening to those negative thoughts and acting on them. I believed that this was the way I was, and that was that, but something within me kept on going and searching for a way out.

That something came across in the form of a book called The Seat of The Soul by Gary Zukav.  This book opened my eyes to the realization that I did not have to be the way I was. I could change and become the person I wanted to be. From that point, I was on my way to being me.

I learned to treat myself with compassion when I fell flat on my face and stopped believing my destructive thoughts. I no longer allowed the words I am a loser in my vocabulary. 


I took control of my thoughts and beliefs, and I noticed that my life started to change. I gained confidence and self-esteem and started to try different things. 

I graduated from college with a B.S in Biobehavioral Health and I was hired by companies I could have never imagined when I was that scared 16-year-old girl. Promotions came my way, and I increased my salary exponentially. 

I learned how to overcome my fearful beliefs and become self-empowered. Now, I help others become the person they want to be and find their authentic voice.

You can step into Self-Empowerment too!

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